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Just as a student must practice their technical skills to learn an instrument, performing in front of an audience requires practice. Student recitals provide opportunities for Musart students to hone their performance skills in front of a friendly, supportive audience of Musart families and friends. Recitals are offered regularly, and students will have the opportunity to perform up to twice per month.

Student Recital

Musart is pleased to offer guest recitals and presentations throughout the year. Invited musicians from various career backgrounds perform for and/or speak to our students about the impact music has had on their lives. Our guests include professional musicians as well as community members in other professions with extensive musical experience. We hope these stories and performances inspire our students to create their own life-long musical stories.

Guest Recitals and Presentations

To begin each academic year, Musart puts together a performance that showcases all of the areas of study we offer, from solo performance, to chamber music, to dance. In addition, the Musart faculty present a look at all of the exciting events taking place throughout the coming year, presenting our vision and passion for music education to all of our students and their families.

Opening Ceremony

Game night is a great way for students to build strong relationship with each other and to have fun. Through carefully designed games, students enjoy applying their musical knowledge in a stress-free environment.

Music Game Night

The first step in inspiring students to truly love the beauty and magic of music is by watching their teachers perform. Therefore, we host regular Salon Concerts which feature faculty collaborations. In these concerts, we show students firsthand how music has positively impacted our lives and how we use music to build the bonds of friendship.

Salon Concert

The most-anticipated event of the year, Musart’s closing gala is a celebration of the successes of the past year. Featuring a wide variety of performing styles and ensembles, students and faculty perform together to showcase the year’s accomplishments. There will also be presentations highlighting student and faculty successes. At the conclusion of the gala, the All-school award and scholarship will be awarded.

Annual Closing Gala