Musart teachers are among the finest classical musicians in the business. Our teachers work tirelessly to train the next generation of performers and music-lovers.

 From building a strong foundation to achieving advanced musical and technical skill, our instrumental studies courses provide students with the highest quality instruction to meet their individual needs.


In addition to technical proficiency on their chosen instrument, a knowledge of the foundational concepts of music and music history are essential for fostering well-rounded musicians. Musart’s Musicianship course is a six-level program supporting the students’ knowledge of Ear Training, Music Theory, and Music History, ranging from the most basic musical elements such as beat vs. rhythm, high vs. low, loud vs. soft, etc., to advanced aural dictation and composition in numerous musical styles. Materials for the course are drawn from proven pedagogical programs, such as Kodaly and Orff pedagogy, and the curriculums for the ABRSM exams and the Juilliard School.


The ultimate form of musical study, chamber music helps students to learn as a team rather than as an individual. Benefits of chamber music include developing collaborative skills, a greater understanding of the importance of solid rhythm and musical balance, and the ability to respond to the ideas of others. Most importantly, students develop long-lasting musical friendships with their chamber music partners.


Chamber ensemble offerings at Musart include






Two Piano Duos